Can Children Receive Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic care bases itself on the vital relationship between the nervous system and the spine. One of the fundamental principles is that spinal dysfunction could lead to problems within the nervous system. Since the latter controls all bodily systems, the problem could leave a tremendous impact on one health. Chiropractors, therefore, evaluate and treat any detected spinal dysfunction. But can children receive chiropractic treatment?

Among adults, most of the spinal problems begin as early as birth. Here, the birthing techniques could stress an infant’s spine and their still-developing nervous system. The resulting misalignment could be the cause of many health complaints suffered by the newborn baby. Such include breathing difficulties, sleep disturbances, chronic infections and allergic reactions.

chiropractic treatment on a young baby

As such, most parents opt to have their newborn babies checked immediately. And while a child grows, they’ll encounter many physical challenges along the way. The problems that commonly affect children’s spine could, therefore, occur at any point in their growth and development.

Regular childhood activities like riding a bike could leave small but significant misalignments on the spine. If an injury occurs during this period and is neglected, more serious problems could occur later in life. Subtle trauma suffered during childhood is bound to affect future development of the spine, which can result in impaired functioning of the nervous system.


Parents, therefore, seek chiropractic care for their children to treat trauma resulting from an injury. Regular checkups by a chiropractor could identify any damage left by the injury, provide timely remedies and prevent future health issues. Another common reason for care is the remedying of specific conditions and symptoms. This could range from acute and chronic illnesses, as well as the administration of preventative treatments for other health issues. Chiropractic care is an ideal choice when looking for a drug-free, non-invasive approach for kids.

When you take your child to a local chiropractor, the first thing they’ll do is to thoroughly examine their health and complaints. This is followed by a detailed physical examination of the child’s spine. The procedure is usually modified according to the patient’s size, weight and specific condition of their spine.

Most people hesitate to seek chiropractic care for their kids due to the fear that they’ll apply techniques identical to those used for adults. This is however not the case; chiropractors are trained to use gentle, specific skills to find and correct any spinal problems. One can, therefore, be assured that the adjustments applied will take into account the child’s delicate spine and cranium. In fact, most parents report that their kids enjoy the adjustments, with some even looking forward to subsequent appointments.

The treatments are reported to deliver a much better level of health. Additionally, most of the procedures are largely painless, save for cases where the patient has sustained injury. Here, the child’s sensitivity to touch may be heightened. But once the adjustments are made, this is alleviated.

Chiropractic care has been proven to be efficient and safe at improving children’s health. Along with a healthy lifestyle, it forms the foundation for proper growth and development. One could consult other parents whose children have seen the benefits.