What Is The Correct Posture For Sitting At A Desk?

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It is important to sit correctly especially if you sit at a desk for extended period of times. To know that what is the correct posture for sitting at a desk, you should do your research to find how you can reduce the risk of contracting back pain that can be caused solely because your sitting posture is not right.

First of all, make sure that the seat you have is adjusted correctly and doesn’t cause any strain on your back. It’s better to opt for one that can be adapted according to your requirements. Your hips should not be aligned with your knees. Try to ensure that the knees are a bit lower to the hips.

Rest your back as often as you can and don’t try to lean forward as it will become your habit and then you would suffer from back pain now and then. Your feet should touch the ground in a flat manner and avoid crossing your legs as it contributes to thickening of the blood and the blood flow inside your body is adversely affected.

It may be that adopting a correct posture may prove challenging, due to the effects of incorrect posture over may years. Working with a chiropractor can help you release existing tension, as well as guide you in the process of creating new habits.

If you are using a computer while sitting at the desk then try to place the screen right in front of you. It shouldn’t be too closer to you, otherwise it will cause eye strain. Also, the keyboard should be positioned in a way that you can easily type without any hassle whatsoever. The idea is to eliminate the risk of contracting illnesses that you did not have before.

In case, when you are working for long hours try to get up as often as you can even if it is for just a couple of minutes because when you sit in the same position for a longer duration, it increases the possibility of contracting problems like the formation of blood clots in legs or strained back. These problems might not sound painful at first, but they can impact in a very severe way.

correst posture for sitting

Incorrect sitting posture can also affect your eyesight because if your head is too close to far away from the monitor, you tend to strain more on your eyes. It’s important that you’re able to visualize each and everything with ease without causing any stress on your eyes. Also, you need to adjust the colors and brightness of the screen to make it comfortable for you.

If possible, your desk should be placed somewhere near to a window so that you have access to fresh air all the times. You may not realise, but if there is no presence of natural light and air into the room where you work, then it becomes tiring just to sit at a desk after sometime.

Place all the things on your desk in a way that they can be reached quickly. Especially those things that are used on a frequent basis like your phone, stapler, pen and other bits. If your work requires being on the phone all the times, then it’s best to switch to a headset because that way it becomes convenient for you to take calls without any hassle.